Video programme Mödrath “6x6”

In Project Space in the annex of Haus Mödrath we show six films by various artists annually, each video will be shown for six weeks.

Admission to the videos is for free.

The opening hours are the same as the main exhibition.


Black-and-white, Mono Sound
54 minutes

Duration: June 08, 2019 – July 14, 2019
Opening on June 08, 2019 at 2.00 pm

The Passing is a personal response to the spiritual extremes of birth and death in the family. Black-and-white nocturnal imagery and underwater scenes depict a twilight world hovering on the borders of human perception and consciousness, where the multiple lives of the mind-memory, reality, and vision-merge.

Considered by many to be one of Viola's most important and accessible works, The Passing speaks eloquently to human experience at its most profound, it is a meditation on the passage of generations. This one-hour video is a land-mark of twentieth-century visual narrative as well as an expression of spirituality that is both deeply personal and universally understood.

In memory of Wynne Lee Viola
Created and directed by Bill Viola
United States

[Blurb of DVD, Bill Viola, 2006, A-Film Distribution B.V.]