Griffelkunst, Exhibition Group Kerpen

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Acquire editions and photographs by young and established artists.

Griffelkunst, a non-profit association, publishes editions of original prints since 1925 with the goal of “discovering, developing and promoting an understanding and love of the fine arts in our society.”

Initially intended especially for teachers and art educators, anyone can now become a member of Griffelkunst, which is organized in local groups. Membership admission, however, has long been frozen and there is a very long waiting list.

We are therefore very pleased that we in Kerpen have been permitted to found a new local group and can now accept new members from our region.

Exhibitions are put on every spring (May) and fall (November) in which six artists present their editions (prints, photographs, objects) from which members—you—can choose. The number of copies in each edition is oriented on the orders of Griffelkunst members. You receive the ordered artworks in conjunction with the subsequent exhibition.

Art is not a question of money, not a question of immensely rich billionaires, as often suggested by the media. Art belongs to everyone and Griffelkunst makes it available at affordable prices. Many of the art world’s biggest names, whose works sell at auction of several million Euros, produced editions for Griffelkunst early in the careers—as very young artists. They include Gerhard Richter, Peter Doig, Albert Oehlen and Rosemarie Trockel, Jonathan Meese, Michel Majerus...

Georg Herold, Günther Förg and Jochen Lempert, artists represented in the “Lodgers” exhibition, once also published Griffelkunst editions.

Griffelkunst occasionally publishes true treasures with photographs from the archives of such deceased artists as August Sander, Lyonel Feininger, Karl Blossfeld, Max Klinger and Gustav Kluge.

Numerous artists who likewise enrich our lives with their art are also directly included in our own four walls. There are works that are marvelously beautiful to look at, that provide fascinating views and insights, but also works that are not immediately accessible, that pose questions, that stir emotions, that we must and may occupy ourselves with.

Annual subscription fee: 144.00 € including 4 editions annually
 Each additional edition 36.00 €