Haus Mödrath – Räume für Kunst

The story about how the manor house, the “Castle” as it used to be called, became Haus Mödrath is quickly told. I first came across this property while in search of an office building. As a medium-sized entrepreneur, I immediately recognized that the house was naturally unsuited as an office building. But for two decades I had been thinking about exhibiting art—contemporary art, although I never really undertook any serious steps in this direction.

Did this manor house in fact find me with the purpose of exhibiting art there?

My initial research on the house already revealed that the world-renowned composer and New Music founder Karlheinz Stockhausen was born here. The eponymous village of Mödrath fell victim to brown coal mining and vanished, the Mödrath mill that belonged to the property in the 1830s extracted color pigments from wood, and the house was the first in the whole district to be electrified. You cannot get any more interesting than that.

The decision followed soon thereafter and the adventure “Haus Mödrath – Räume für Kunst” began.

It is a house, a dwelling, for art and artists, without a collection of its own, not a museum, by no means a collector’s museum, but a lively venue where special temporary exhibitions organized by different curators will take place in the future. My sole priority is art and its artists. It is intended to give them the opportunity to realize what they believe important in Haus Mödrath. This occupation with art and artists is the central concern. Everything else is subordinate to this principle, and for this reason I prefer to remain anonymous. But when artists create something extraordinary, notice should be taken of their work. This is the only reason behind making the house available to the public. Every visitor who encounters art appreciatively is welcome in Haus Mödrath.